General Questions

1. Where can I purchase IWI Products?
2. What kind of warranty does IWI US, Inc. offer?
3. How do I request service/warranty/repair work for my IWI US, Inc. product?
4. If I live in Canada, will I be able to buy from IWI US, Inc.?
5. How can I obtain an IWI US catalog?
6. How can I obtain a manual for an IWI US, Inc. product?
7. Does IWI US, Inc. offer tours of its Harrisburg, PA facility?
8. Will I be able to purchase small parts such as springs, screws, firing pins, etc.?
9. What do I need to do to convert my TAVOR SAR or TAVOR X95 to the opposite hand configuration.

Web Store

1. I placed an order and now I need to add or remove an item. What can I do?
2. Do you take backorders?
3. Do you ship outside of the United States?
4. Can you ship to a P.O. Box?
5. I want to change my shipping method or address after I have placed an order. Can I do this?
6. How fast can I get my order?
7. What happens if my order is lost or damaged?
8. I don't have an email address or I don't want to make an account. How can I place an order?
9. Do you collect sales tax?
10. Is it safe to use my credit card/debit card here?
11. What forms of payment do you accept?
12. Do you accept checks or money orders?
13. Do you have gift certificates or gift cards?
14. I need to return an item. How do I do this?
15. I am placing an order but I received an error message. What happened?
16. Do you sell firearms from the web store?
17. How old should I be to place an order?
18. What will you do with the information you collect?
19. How do I delete my account?
20. There's a product I think you should sell! How can I let you know?
21. I need to change my address/phone number/email address or my password. How can I do this?
22. My question was not answered here. Where can I get an answer?
23. What Tavor® items are compatible between the Tavor® SAR and the Tavor® X95™
24. How do sales or discount codes work?


1. What do I need to do to convert my TAVOR SAR to the opposite hand configuration.
2. How many magazines come with the TAVOR SAR rifle?
3. I already own an AR-15, will I be able to use my AR-15/M16/STANAG type magazines in my TAVOR SAR?
4. What magazines will the TAVOR 9mm conversion kits use?
5. Can the TAVOR 9mm caliber conversion kit be set up in the left hand configuration?
6. What optics come with the TAVOR SAR?
7. What is the thread pitch for TAVOR SAR barrels?
8. What is the barrel twist rate of the TAVOR SAR?
9. Is the barrel of the TAVOR SAR Chrome Lined?
10. Where can I purchase Meprolight optics for my TAVOR SAR?


1. How many magazines come with the UZI PRO?
2. Will I be able to use my UZI magazines in the new UZI PRO Pistol?


1. What model variations will be available for the Jericho 941?
2. How many magazines come with the Jericho 941?
3. What is the magazine capacity for the Jericho 941 series?

Galil® ACE

1. In what calibers will the GALIL ACE be available?
2. What magazines will be compatible with the GALIL ACE?
3. How many magazines will come with the GALIL ACE?
4. What model variations will be available for the GALIL ACE?
5. Galil ACE (GAP39) Recall Information