Tom Alibrando - IWI’s National Law Enforcement Sales Manager

Prior to IWI US, Tom served as a police officer, SWAT, LE Precision rifleman, instructor in all disciplines, and special investigations officer in the Prescott area of Arizona for 11 years. He also toured Iraq and Afghanistan, serving with the Department of State/Blackwater in a protective detail, as well as serving as an intelligence specialist, assistant team leader and foreign national trainer. Tom was involved with the Anti Terrorism Assistance (ATA) Program and various Counter Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO) programs teaching a variety of skill sets from protective operations, close quaters battle and sniper/ counter sniper operations. He worked on the State Department Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) program in a firearms and tactics role. Tom was also the program manager for training for ACADEMI Training Services prior to leaving for IWI.

Clayton Hergert

Clayton Hergert has served over 15 years in Naval Special Warfare.  After successfully completing initial training, he qualified as a US Navy SEAL on November 27, 2002.  He completed the Range Operations Safety Course on June 21, 2002, qualifying as both a Range Safety Officer and Range Officer-in-Charge.  He then attended and graduated the USMC Scout Sniper Basic Course 01-2005, held on MCB Quantico, VA on July 29, 2005.
Mr. Hergert served on both East and West Coast SEAL Teams along with a Special Boat Team.  He deployed to Afghanistan (2x), Republic of Chad, Iraq, and Bahrain. 
In addition to instructing military and host nation military personnel in marksmanship principals (pistol, carbine, and precision rifle), Mr. Hergert worked as a guest instructor at the Holland Long Range Shooting School (3 classes) in Powers, OR (Spring 2012).  When he left active duty for the reserve force, he founded ATX Precision & Carbine, LLC in Austin, TX, where he is currently instructing precision rifle and carbine techniques.

Scotty Canaan

Scotty Canaan retired as the Chief Warrant Officer-3, after serving 25 years in Naval Special Warfare.Upon graduation of Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL Training (BUD/S) Class 164, he was assigned to SEAL Team FIVE in Coronado, CA. Mr. Canaan spent his entire military career serving on the West Coast SEAL Teams. His operational expertise is seated in but not limited to; Close Quarter Combat (CQC), explosive, ballistic and mechanical breaching, squad automatic weapons, combatives and prisoner handling.

Throughout multiple global regions, Mr. Canaan has conducted hundreds of combat operations over the course of his military career. Overseas service deployments include five tours to Middle Eastern areas of operation and three tours to Asian areas of operation.

Mr. Canaan also served in an instructor capacity as a SEAL Team FIVE Training Cell cadre in both the Assaults and Maritime Cells, as an Operational Readiness Evaluator for Naval Special Warfare Special Boat Unit operations, and finally as the Troop Commander for the Naval Special Warfare Group ONE Training Detachment’s Land Warfare, Special Reconnaissance and Advanced Sniper Cells.

In March of 2015, Mr. Canaan retired from active duty service with the United States Navy and became a lead instructor at ATX Precision & Carbine, LLC where he is currently teaching tactical carbine, piston, shotgun and combatives.

Nick Klein

Nick Klein served 6 years in Naval Special Warfare. After successfully completing initial training, he qualified as a US Navy SEAL on November 19th, 2010.  On April 22nd, 2011, he completed the Range Operations Safety course and qualified as a Range Safety Officer. During his time in the SEAL Teams he deployed to Africa three times and provided foreign partner forces with over 500 hours of high risk training to include basic marksmanship, automatic weapons, combatives and unconventional warfare tactics.