Employee Spotlights

July 12, 2022

Employee Spotlight | Alex Rudegeair

Employee Spotlight | Alex Rudegeair Alex Rudegeair is a Customer Service Representative for IWI U.S.  Alex enjoys working at IWI because the crew feels like a family. The camaraderie combined with producing products and services for him is a personal dream come true!  His favorite firearm is the GALIL in all shapes and sizes. “I [...]

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May 12, 2022

Employee Spotlight | Garrett Burkhardt

Employee Spotlight | Garrett Burkhardt Garrett Burkhardt is a Customer Service Manager at IWI. He enjoys working at IWI because he loves how the company is composed of an incredible group of people and has a wonderful culture to be a part of. “Every day is a learning opportunity, and everyone takes pride in their [...]

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April 18, 2022

Employee Spotlight | Rod Marchio

Employee Spotlight | Rod Marchio Rod Marchio is a Quality Engineer with IWI. He enjoys working for IWI because he appreciates how IWI cares about its employees beyond the company's walls. Every day, he loves to work with his teammates, having a blast in the "coolness" factor of working with firearms.    Rod's favorite IWI [...]

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March 10, 2022

Employee Spotlight | James Harmon

Employee Spotlight | James Harmon James Harmon is a Gunsmith and Rework Technician with IWI US and a committed individual whose work consistently exceeds our expectations and that of the customers.  He enjoys working for the IWI because he appreciates how the company fosters an environment that encourages appreciation of each other’s efforts and creativity. [...]

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February 15, 2022

Employee Spotlight | Braden Bollock

Employee Spotlight | Braden Bollock Braden Bollock is a Line Lead for the GALIL ACE at IWI U.S. Bollock enjoys working for IWI because after coming straight out of the army as a 91F (small arms repair), he was already interested in firearms and loved seeing how they worked.  “This job appeals to my firearms [...]

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