Employee Spotlight | Michael Follwoiler

Employee Spotlight | Michael Follwoiler

Michael Follwoiler is a Final Inspector at IWI U.S. and an incredible and competent member of our team. Follwoiler enjoys working for IWI because the team shares the same philosophy as him: it’s important to remember that IWI plays a role in ensuring a properly armed populace, and doing so takes great care, pride, and consideration in one’s work. What’s more, he does his best to create a comfortable and inviting environment for everyone at IWI every day. 

His favorite firearm is the X95 SBR. 

“It’s the same size as most current sub-guns that are being utilized.” Fottwoiler said. “it can fit the same role more efficiently being chambered in a service rifle caliber without sacrificing terminal ballistics.” 

When he isn’t working at IWI, Michael loves to spend time in the great outdoors: hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and participating in competitive shooting sports. 

IWI is grateful to have a member who is dedicated to the process of providing the best service and product to our customers–which is why we chose Michael for our employee spotlight of the month!


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