Jake Willoughby

Raised in the mountains of North Idaho, Jake had an early introduction to the necessity of firearms. He learned to shoot when he was only 4 and was carrying a rifle alone through the wild at the age of 8. At 14 he was building and painting his own custom guns and had a full understanding of the history and technology behind them. At age 22 he founded LowPro Apparel, a brand focused on patriotism and training as a lifestyle.

Realizing the advantages of the bullpup platform Jake transitioned to the Tavor X95 in early 2018 and never looked back.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you dump into an AR, it still doesn’t compare to a stock X95.”

Today Jake is an avid shooter, photographer and outdoorsman, living off-grid in the forests of Idaho and traveling from time to time to meet and work with other companies and shooters throughout America, proud to represent IWI as his primary and secondary weapons manufacturer.

Links to social media accounts:

Website – www.LowProApparel.com
Instagram – www.instagram.com/ThePictureTaker