Tavor® SAR 5.56 NATO Conversion Kit

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The Tavor® SAR is uniquely convertible to 5.56 NATO.

The caliber conversion kit includes:

  • 16.5″or 18″ Cold Hammer Forged Barrel, CrMoV Steel with a 1:7 RH Twist
  • A2 Flash Suppressor
  • 5.56 NATO Left or Right Hand Bolt
  • 5.56 NATO Bolt Carrier and Recoil Assembly
  • Barrel Wrench
  • 5.56 NATO Deflector
  • Deflector Frame
  • One Black Magpul PMAG® Gen M3 30 Round with Window

Please follow the following steps in your Tavor® SAR manual in order to install your kit:

Section 15.1 Primary Disassembly/Reassembly
Section 15.2 Removal/Installation of Sear Mechanism
Section 15.5 Removal/Installation of Flattop Rail
Section 15.6 Removal/Installation of Front Swivel and Lock
Section 15.7 Removal/Installation of Foregrip Group
Section 15.8 Removal/Installation of Cocking Group
Section 15.10 Removal/Installation of Barrel Group

Removing your barrel without completing Sections 15.1 – 15.10 first will damage your barrel.

If you have the Tavor® SAR manual P/N 08011011300 in order to install your kit follow:

Section 14.1.1 Quick-Detach Sling Swivels
Section 14.1.3 Sear Mechanism
Section 14.1.4 Recoil Mechanism
Section 14.1.5 Flattop Rail Assembly
Section 14.1.6 Swivel Sleeve and Swivel Lock
Section 14.1.7 Foregrip Group
Section 14.1.8 Cocking Group
Section 14.1.9 Barrel Group

Removing your barrel without completing Sections 14.1.1 – 14.1.9 first will damage your barrel.

Warning: You must use the new barrel with the provided bolt to ensure headspacing is correct. Failure to do so may result in a catastrophic failure of your barrel and/or bolt and cause destruction of property, personal injury and/or death to you or bystanders.


Magazines with capacity greater than 10 rounds may not be legal where you reside. Please check your local laws and click here for our Magazine Shipping Policy to see if we can ship to you.



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 Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Weight lbs
Barrel Length

16.5″, 18″

Left/Right Hand Bolt

Left Hand, Right Hand