Employee Spotlight | Adam Danb

Adam Danb is a Range Master with IWI U.S. and a dedicated member of our team. Danb enjoys working for IWI because the company opened many doors for him to advance his career in the firearms industry.

“Working for IWI U.S. has given me so many opportunities,” Danb said, “and on the job training and practice with firearms.” 

His favorite firearm is the Galil 7.62 x 39, which he said is solid because of its versatility and ease of use. 

“It’s easy to clean and never fails when I need it.” Danb said. 

When he isn’t working at IWI, he has quite a few hobbies and interests. He participates in group-related activities in addition to exploring forms of media entertainment. 

“I enjoy gaming with friends and DND, as well as movies and TV shows,” he said. 

IWI is grateful to have a member who is so passionate about the firearms industry, constantly open to learning more, and uplifts the team with his natural ability to raise morale–which is why we chose him for our employee spotlight of the month!