Law Enforcement Sales

The IWI US Law Enforcement Division provides North American based LE departments and agencies with battle proven IWI firearms that have been adopted by the IDF, LE agencies and militaries throughout the world. Select-fire weapons include the short barreled X95 (Micro Tavor) and the incomparable Negev family of belt fed machine guns. The NG5 LMG (Light Machine Gun), possibly the finest belt, drum, and/or magazine fed Light Machine Gun in the world. The NG7 is the lightest and finest 7.62×51 belt fed machine guns weighing only slightly more than its 5.56 mm counterpart. For departments who prefer semi-auto versions of our weapons, all of the standard IWI US commercial/civilian models are also available for agency purchase.


IWI US also offers armorer courses, comprehensive training programs, and after-sale parts and service for all LE agencies adopting our firearms.

Please contact Tom Alibrando for any questions concerning law enforcement sales, customer service, armorer course information, registration, and scheduling.

Tom Alibrando
National Law Enforcement Sales Manager
Office: 717-695-2081
Cell: 717-409-2104
Fax: 717-412-0873