IWI US Training

We are offering training courses to help familiarize you with our firearms.  The Tavor can be used in a sporting or defensive role.  To maximize your ability to deploy the weapon in either situation, we provide Tavor/X95 specific programs to teach you to exploit the advantages of the bullpup system. This is a detailed, building block program providing a blend of Israeli and US techniques.  Each course enhances the students understanding of maintenance, zero, ballistics, shooting techniques, core manipulation skills (malfunctions and reloads) all the way to the use of cover and low light shooting in later, more advanced classes.  If you are new to the X95, Tavor, or shooting, the courses are designed to create the most effective methods of the deploying system.

The armorer’s course is created for industry professionals either from Law Enforcement or FFLs that wish to convert or maintain the system.  Students must pass a practical and a written exam to be an armorer for the Tavor platform.  If the FFL holder wishes to act as a center to convert weapons from left to right handed usage, they will have the ability to do so and have their services advertised on the IWI website. This course takes place in Harrisburg.

Sign up today for our mobile firearms courses or come to Harrisburg and receive your certification as an armorer.

  • Level I, II, & III Tavor
  • Armorer Course