Testing & Evaluation

Law Enforcement Request for Test & Evaluation Firearm

To submit a request please fill out the form below or print out the form here and mail it to the address stated in the form.

  • *I guarantee the return or purchase of this T&E firearm within 60 days of receipt unless otherwise agreed upon by IWI US.
  • (All firearms must be shipped directly to agency address.)

    • All SBR’s/ NFA items require BATFE approval before shipping and approval before being returned to IWI. There are no select fire weapons available for T&E.
    • The agency will promptly return the T&E firearm immediately after testing or 60 days from ship date whichever comes first. If the agency requires more time or would like to purchase the firearm, the agency must contact the IWI US office at 717-695-2081.
    • The agency will return or fax the Gun Evaluation Log, completed and signed for each firearm tested.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.