Employee Spotlight | Braden Bollock

Braden Bollock is a Line Lead for the GALIL ACE at IWI U.S.

Bollock enjoys working for IWI because after coming straight out of the army as a 91F (small arms repair), he was already interested in firearms and loved seeing how they worked. 

“This job appeals to my firearms background,” said Bollock. “I love learning something new every week.” What’s more, he feels that the people he works with make coming in so much more enjoyable every day. He sees many of them as not only coworkers but as friends. 

His favorite firearm is the Gen 1 GALIL ACE in 5.56. 

“I appreciate the modern features given to an already versatile and reliable weapon system,” said Bollock.

He has a soft spot for the GALIL ACE in 5.56 because he remembers the original ARM GALIL from various videos he played in high school, along with the new Ace. 

When he isn’t working at IWI, Braden loves to fish, hunt, play video games, and spend time with his daughter, family, and friends. 

IWI is grateful to have a member who shares his passion for firearms with the world and dedicates the time and effort to repairing and creating pristine and high-quality products–which is why we chose Braden for our employee spotlight of the month!