Employee Spotlight | Brant Garman

Brant Garman, IWI’s TS12 Line Leads, loves being a part of the IWI team because of the unique and enjoyable work environment, and the coworkers who he has grown incredibly close to.

“IWI is a job I honestly enjoy going to every day,” said Garman. “My coworkers have become somewhat of a second family to me.”

Garman’s favorite firearm is the X95 .300 BLK, which he calls ‘the most reliable gun he’s used.’’

“It’s reliable with subsonic ammo and maintains a shorter overall length than an AR-15 with a 10” barrel.”

He says that the X95 is a soft shooter and a great suppressor host.

“I just wish we made an SBR!” said Garman.

Garman loves his job and enjoys being a part of the IWI team, almost as much as he loves guns.

“I’m a full-time gun nut,” Garman proclaimed.

Shooting firearms may be his favorite pastime, but he enjoys many other hobbies, all of them pertaining to the outdoors.

“I love sporting clays, kayaking, trapping, hiking, camping,” he said. “Anything to get me outside or get me shooting!”

Garman is a huge asset to the IWI team. His genuine love for firearms and a deep connection with the team comes second only to his deviation to IWI and all the hard work he put in. These reasons are why we have chosen to recognize him this month.