Employee Spotlight | Calvin Deckert

Calvin Deckert has been lucky enough to experience a few different positions on the IWI team in his nearly 7 years with the company; starting on the Tavor SAR/X95 assembly line, then becoming the line lead, and eventually picking up an open position in the customer service department.

“I wanted to try something else and then took a vacancy that came up in the Customer Service Department and I’m still there today,” said Deckert.

Deckert is a big fan of all things firearms and says that his favorite part about working at IWI is getting to be surrounded by what he loves all the time.

“I like looking at them, talking about them, using them, learning about them, and working on them. On a good day at IWI US, I get to do all of these things,” he said.

Working in the firearm industry has been a dream of his since he was in high school, and now it is his reality.

Out of all of the IWI US firearms, Deckert claims the Galil Ace Pistol chambered in 7.62×39 as his current favorite.

“I’m very much an AK guy and this is the closest thing we got to one,” Deckert said.

Deckert loves the Galil Ace so much he said it’s become his ‘truck gun’ and that it rarely ever lets him down. He appreciates its accuracy over everything.

When he isn’t working at IWI he claims to be a huge history buff and even admits to being the kid in class who would fact-check the teachers.

He loves stories, whether it’s in the form of a good movie or an impossible to put down book.

“I have also always been a fan of edged weapons and have become quite good at hand sharpening which has led me to taking up a little bit of blacksmithing as well,” said Deckert.

Calvin is a multi-talented and enjoyable member of the IWI team. His love for firearms and constant desire to grow are why we have chosen to recognize and appreciate him this month.