Employee Spotlight | Colin Martin

Colin Martin, IWI’s Customer Service Manager, and Invoice Liaison, loves being a part of the IWI team because of the shared passion for firearms, his awesome team, and the rewarding work he is able to do.

“I lead a great crew in Customer Service, and I’m fortunate to work with like-minded individuals who share the same values,” said Martin. “The mutual sense of humor among us is a bonus.”

Martin says that his passion for firearms comes from his years spent in the Marines using purpose-driven fighting guns. As building that type of firearm is IWI’s specialty, his experience makes it easy for him to personally stand behind the products we produce and support.

Martin’s favorite firearm is the Galil Ace, which he says is “bombproof when it comes to durability.”

“[The Ace] takes the legendary IMI Galil and pushes it into the twenty-first century by enhancing its ergonomics, adaptability, and accuracy,” Martin said. “It dispenses with hard-to-find proprietary magazines, accepting industry-standard mags in every caliber, yet it still adheres to the original’s simplicity and stalwart reliability.”

He says that the Ace can run forever when taken care of, which is why he personally has two of them.

Martin loves his job and feels that his team’s role in providing quality customer service for current, new, and prospective gun owners across the United States is vital to not just our company, but to our way of life.

“We are at a point in American history where civilian possession of firearms is a divisive and volatile topic,” Martin proclaimed.

When he isn’t at work or shooting guns, Martin says he has always been into cars, particularly American ones with V8 engines, and spending time wrenching on and behind the wheel of his Mustang GT has been a favorite pastime for the better part of two decades.

He is also an avid hiker and enjoys taking on the great outdoors with his wife.

“Spending time outdoors is more affordable, and my wife and I have taken several extended road and hiking trips, logging miles and memories in much of the North American wilderness,” said Martin.

Since the pandemic has changed the way American social life looks, Martin spends plenty of time at home with his family.

“It has been great since we now have two wonderful little girls, ages 22 months and 1 month,” Martin said. “Monday through Friday, I look forward to spending my evenings with them, and I’ve already begun introducing them to good music, having fun playing outside, and basic hand tools.”

Martin is a huge asset to the IWI team. It is clear that he has a genuine passion for firearms and the personal conviction he brings to the table at IWI and all the hard work he puts in. These reasons are why we have chosen to recognize him this month.