Employee Spotlight | Greg Burns

Greg Burns is one of our  Warehouse Managers over here at IWI US, and a self-proclaimed ‘gun guy’.

“Being a gun guy, this is the perfect job for me,” Burns said. 

He also appreciates how much he is able to learn and grow in his gun knowledge, just by working with IWI. 

“Even though I can hold my own on firearms knowledge and history, I learn so much each day just from working here around my other coworkers,” Burns said. 

Through all of his experience and education at IWI, he has decided his favorite firearm is the Galil 7.62×39.

“It is the most dependable gun I’ve ever shot in my years of shooting,” Burns said. “If things were to ever go sideways it would be my go-to gun. Accurate and reliable!”

Burns says that second to all of the learning he has been able to do, the family atmosphere at IWI is just icing on the cake. 

“The team is incredible, and makes it super enjoyable to come in to work each and every day,” Burns said. 

Burns is the ultimate family man, and when he isn’t working, you can find him hunting, camping, shooting, blowing things up, woodworking, or welding. He also enjoys spending time with his grandkids and making them laugh by taking them along to mow down trees with his tractor. Burn’s is a dedicated husband, dad, and grandfather who spends all the time he can with his wife and family. 

Burns is an incredible part of the IWI team. We are grateful for his passion, hard work, and ever-growing knowledge.