Employee Spotlight | Hector Cibrian

Hector Cibrian is a US Procurement Manager with IWI U.S. and is an incredibly passionate member of our team.

Cibrian most enjoys working for IWI because of the team he is surrounded by, who he feels are equally passionate about IWI and firearms.

“I get to work with amazing people, committed to bringing a quality firearm to the market,” Cibrian said.

But the team is not the only reason why Cibrian loves IWI, he has always wanted to work around firearms with a company that has a strong brand and message.

“I’m passionate about the IWI brand,” he said. “Working with and around firearms was a hobby for so many years, and now it has become my full-time career, which is like a dream.”

His favorite firearm is the IWI Galil ACE in 5.56, which he said is incredibly modern but always reliable.

“It is my favorite gun because of the world-renowned reliable Kalashnikov pattern system, but with modern upgrades,” Cibrian said.

When he isn’t working at IWI, he has quite a few hobbies and interests. He’s a fan of the great outdoors and has a few other skills up his sleeve.

“Besides being outdoors, my favorite hobbies would have to be plastic model building and shooting sports,” he said.

IWI is pleased to have a team member who is so passionate about our brand working alongside us every day. His life-long love for firearms and passion for his job is why we have chosen him for our employee spotlight this month.