Employee Spotlight | Jared Schuetrumpf

Jared Schuetrumpf is one of our warehouse associates at IWI US, and he’s been with us for four years. His main role at IWI is processing and shipping orders to various distributors around the United States. 

“Within my first week of working for IWI, I knew this company would be my home for years to come.” Schuetrumpf said, “I enjoy the family atmosphere, which makes you feel welcomed and appreciated. The people are willing to assist you in any way, shape, or form, whether it be work-related or dealing with personal issues.”

While Schuetrumpf didn’t get much experience with firearms growing up, the IWI environment was one in which he was able to foster growth and learning, with no judgment while learning the art and the responsibility of handling a firearm.

“When the new Jericho 9mm (J941PL9-II) arrived, I examined it as it felt well with my standards, not too light or too heavy,” said Schuetrumpf. “ I asked my manager, Greg, ‘Can I test fire this during my first break?’ and he said yes! I was excited and couldn’t wait until the time arrived.”

Fast forward and once he got to shoot it, the new Jericho felt better than the previous version of the polymer (J941PL9). The recoil was something that Schuetrumpf says he was able to control upon his first shot. 

“I cannot explain the mechanics like the experts would, but I know what suits me and this fits me well,” Schuetrumpf said. “I would recommend this to anyone or even a first-time buyer.”

When he isn’t working, Schuetrumpf is playing music or writing. He has been drumming for an impressive 20 years and has been learning keyboard, bongos, and congas for about five years.

“I mainly play blues, psychedelic, and rock and roll music,” said Schuetrumpf. “When it comes to listening to music, I have a diverse musical taste ranging from: delta blues, early rock, punk, heavy metal, death metal, etc.”

His most passionate hobby, however, is writing. A writer from a young age, Schuetrumpf wrote short stories as a child and illustrated them. He began writing his own music as a teenager, and in 2015, he even wrote his own novel. He is still constantly striving for growth in both his professional and personal life. We are grateful to have Jared as part of our IWI family!