Employee Spotlight | Joe Myers

Joe Myers, one of our Assembly Line Managers here at IWI, says that one of his favorite parts about being involved in the gun world is helping people maintain their freedoms. 

“I love being involved with the production of firearms that distribute freedom seeds across the USA,” Myers said. 

Joe’s responsibilities at IWI include managing assembly personnel and assisting them as needed to ensure proficient workflow of IWI’s various lines of production. He also has to ensure that our products meet our strict QC standards. 

The Tavor X95 9mm is Joe’s gun of choice, and he chose it because of how easy and fun it is to shoot, while still maintaining its integrity as a semi-auto rifle.

When Joe is not managing the assembly lines and distributing freedom seeds, his favorite activity is hunting upland birds with his best friends — his trusty companions CoCo and Bear. Joe loves getting to spend quality time with his dogs and give them some hunting experience while getting to have fun. 

Joe is an invaluable part of the IWI team and to our production line. We appreciate his passion, dedication, and continued excellence over the course of his career with us.