Employee Spotlight | Kiley Dippery

Kiley Dippery, one of our Assembly Line Managers for the X95, Galil, and Zion, says that her favorite part of being a member on the IWI team is the fast paced work environment that never gets boring.

She also appreciates the IWI culture, and the respect that comes from every member of the team, no matter how high up their position. 

“Regardless of job title or rank within the company everyone is treated with respect from the top down,” she said. 

Kiley said that in her experience, this is the first job she has had that she truly felt appreciated by individuals at the management level, which is a welcoming change of pace. 

Her gun of choice is the Jericho J941PL9. 

“I personally own this pistol and think it is great,” Kiley said. 

She believes that the Jericho is more accurate than any other pistol she has shot to date. 

“Between being lightweight along with having a smaller grip making it the perfect pistol for my petite hands,” she said. 

When Kylie isn’t manning assembly lines and shooting her Jericho, she loves the sport of archery. 

“Makeup and Hair Artistry also take up a good bit of my time,” Kiley said. 

Between that and archery, Kiley also enjoys filming and editing, hiking, and photography. 

Kiley is a great asset to the IWI team and to our production line. We appreciate her quick hands, great attitude, and dedication to the team and workplace culture.