Employee Spotlight | Logan Beard

Logan J. Beard is an assembly manager for IWI US, and he describes the job as a total dream come true. 

“Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real,” Beard said. “Working for a weapons manufacturer and being able to work around firearms is something some people would dream of.”

Beard’s work as an assembly manager is fun and rewarding, he is able to work on production planning with an awesome team of people to produce incredible products that the US has come to know and love. 

Beard’s favorite IWI firearm is the Tavor; the toughest, most compact, most reliable bullpup rifle you can own. Also known as the “Hebrew Hammer”, Beard says that his experience with the Tavor was the first time he was able to see what IWI really had to offer. 

“I started working for IWI US 7 years ago and the Tavor was our only SKU at the time,” Beard said. 

When Beard isn’t working or admiring IWI’s awesome Tavors, he’s just as busy with dad-duties and keeping track of 2 rambunctious little boys. But his work as a dad is just as fulfilling, and he is grateful for the experiences he gets to share with his sons. 

“I now get to teach all of the things that were passed on to me, whether it be hunting, fishing, making smores on the fire, or something as simple as turning over rocks looking for salamanders and bugs. Watching my boys learn and enjoy this stuff is a blast.”

Beard is a huge asset to IWI. He is a hard worker with a positive attitude who everyone enjoys having around.