Employee Spotlight | Owen Williams

Owen Williams, one of IWI’s Customer Service Representatives, loves being a part of the IWI team for the constant environment of hard work, mixed with the fun of being a part of such a lighthearted and humorous team.

“I enjoy working at IWI US first and foremost for my coworkers, I love being part of a team that can handle whatever comes our way, and the humor and laughs to get us through it,” said Williams.

He also loves his position and being able to talk to our customers, helping them through any issues they may be having.

“I love being able to help and assist our customers, ensuring that their excellent choice of firearms is paralleled with excellent service,” Williams said.

Williams’ favorite firearm is the Galil ACE Pistol 7.62×39, which he calls ‘the most rugged backpacking beast he’s ever put his hands on’.

“I’d put my life on it any day for reliability alone,” Williams said, “Tried and true design, accurate, and my first pick for any range day.”

Williams loves being a part of the IWI team and working with our customers, almost as much as he loves food.

“I do enjoy eating food… probably more than my other hobbies,” Williams said.

Shooting firearms rings in at a close second, but Williams also plays guitar and considers himself a bit of a history buff.

“I’m not sure if it’s a hobby, but spending time with my lady is always a safe bet for me,” he said.

He also loves his cat.

“The cat is pretty rad,” he said.

Williams is such a valuable asset to the IWI team. His genuine love for what he does coupled with his hard work and dedication is why we have chosen to recognize him this month.