Employee Spotlight | Paula Miller

Paula Miller is a Cleaning Lead with IWI U.S. and an invaluable member of our team. Miller enjoys working for IWI because she says that this is the first place she has ever worked where the company cares about its employees and truly supports and encourages them.

“I love the work environment,” Miller said.

Her favorite firearm is the Tavor X95. It is her first “modern-day firearm” which has made using it an entirely new experience for Miller.

“It’s lightweight and fun to shoot,” Miller said.

When she isn’t working at IWI, Paula loves to spend time supporting veteran-owned companies and volunteering with veterans as well — both human, and four-legged furry friends. She also enjoys reading.

IWI is grateful to have a member who has so much love for our veterans and dedicates her time to that community, who takes pride in working with us, and who does so much for IWI behind the scenes. All to say, we are proud to have selected Paula for our employee spotlight of the month!