Employee Spotlight | Vince Lutchkus

Vince “Vinnie” Lutchkus is a Lead Machinist with IWI U.S. and an invaluable member of our team. Lutchkus enjoys working for IWI because the company is more than just a workplace to him; IWI is a family that creates a positive atmosphere to ensure every employee feels welcomed and encouraged to grow. 

“You know you’re working with people who not only care about the product, but care about each other.” Lutchkus said. 

 His favorite firearm is the Zion 15. He’s been a part of the manufacturing process since its inception which has been a rewarding experience for him.  

“It’s been exciting seeing the product mature to where it is today.” Lutchkus said. “It’s been an honor to be a part of producing high-quality firearms.” 

When he isn’t working at IWI, Vinnie loves to spend time with his daughter and family in the great outdoors by hiking, camping, and boating. 

IWI is grateful to have a member who conducts himself with integrity, takes pride in the work he produces, and treats others with respect and consideration–which is why we chose Vinnie for our employee spotlight of the month!