The IWI Academy was originally built around training the venerable Tavor SAR/ X95.  The class has expanded to include all bullpup related rifles and since its’s inception, the Academy has grown to include offerings in pistol, AK, Galil, and precision rifle courses.  The courses range from creating initial performance baselines to advanced applications of skills.

Students that attend the program will learn every aspect of their system to include function and maintenance through efficient, performance driven deployment in a variety of scenarios, lighting conditions and stress. This is accomplished through building block training that interfaces with systems across the platforms.

Our instructors are hand selected from the Law Enforcement and Special Operations Community. They were chosen for their knowledge, communication skills, performance and professionalism in training a wide variety of students. No matter which instructor you train with, our program is structured so there is consistency across the board. From beginning to end, your experience will build on itself to raise you to your highest potential.

If you are exploring the idea of purchasing a Tavor X95, come to the course.  We will loan you one…free of charge!  If you decide you’d like to own any currently offered IWI weapon, students have the opportunity to purchase a weapon at a discounted price direct from the factory after the course. We’ll see you at the range!