Expert’s Corner: Get Better Accuracy Out of the Galil ACE®

Written by Tom Alibrando


To shoot any rifle efficiently, technique is key. The more contact you have with the rifle, the more stable it is. Stability equals accuracy and recoil control.

With the rifle, there are four points of contact: the pistol grip, fore arm, butt plate (stock weld) and comb (cheek weld). Many older rifles, like the AK-47 and the original Galil, were designed with iron sights in mind and little thought given to how an optic would fit in. Many AK-47 type systems that adopt an optic can force a shooter’s head further from the stock, rendering them unable to get an adequate cheek weld. This problem was resolved with the new Galil ACE®, now optimized to work with an optic thanks to the addition of the cheek rest adapter and Picatinny rail that mounts directly to the top cover. The optic you choose, how you have your cheek rest adapter setup and how your optic is mounted will make a significant difference in your ability to get a good cheek weld.

There are a variety of optics on the market and some of those use a single tube configuration which mount directly to the rail. In this case, the cheek rest adapter may not be necessary. As a rule of thumb, if the optic sits low enough that the iron sights can be seen, the cheek rest adapter is usually not necessary. There will be adequate contact with the stock while easily seeing the sights.


Ensure that when an optic is mounted, the optic does not bridge the gap between the top cover and the gas tube rail. If the optic is mounted in this fashion, disassembling the weapon will require removing the sight each time the weapon is cleaned and may change your zero.


A taller optic may require the cheek rest adapter. In the photo above, the shooter cannot obtain a proper cheek weld while seeing the reticle of the sight. By adding the riser, like in the photo below, there is increased contact with the stock while looking down the sight, making for a more stable position and increasing accuracy.


One additional feature allows the cheek adapter to be moved forward. Depending on the shooters technique or body type, the cheek weld adapter can be moved forward for a more comfortable feel. Note the placement of the cheek above relative to the picture below. For this individual, the forward attachment point provides a more natural and secure feel.


Before using your Galil ACE® rifle, be sure to explore the variety of attachments and exploit all of the advantages the system can provide for youAnd remember, when attaching and detaching all accessories, always ensure that the weapon is unloaded and that all firearm safety rules are followed.

About Tom Alibrando:

Prior to IWI US, Tom served as a police officer, instructor and special investigations officer with the Prescott (AZ) Police Department for 10 years. He also toured Iraq and Afghanistan, serving with the Department of State/Blackwater in a protective detail, as well as serving as an intelligence specialist, assistant team leader and foreign national trainer. Tom was also the program manager for training for ACADEMI Training Services.