The Storied History of IWI

Eighty years of innovative firearms technology

1933: Israel Military Industry (IMI) begins firearms production in Israel under British Mandate.

1950: First UZI® prototype producted by Uziel Gal.

1972: IMI Galil® adopted by Israel Defense Force (IDF).

1980: Mini UZI® introduced.

1982: Israel-Lebanon War ends and establishes need for close-quarters weaponry.

1990: IMI launches Jericho® 941 pistol.

1994: IMI Tavor® development team launched, headed by Zalman Shebs.

2005: Israeli government decides to privatize small arms division of IMI and christen the company Israeli Weapons Industry (IWI).

2006: IDF infantry begin using Tavor® rifles.

2012: IWI US launched and brings Tavor® SAR to United States.

2015: IWI US brings Galil ACE® pistols and rifles, UZI® Pro pistol and Jericho® pistols to U.S.