The TAVOR® X95™ is Back in BLK

Written by Division Chief Joel Rivera, MPA

The .300 Blackout round was designed to be suppressed giving you a whisper quiet round with a lot of thump while achieving excellent accuracy at subsonic velocities. Together the TAVOR® X95™ and the 300BLK may just be a match made in close quarters combat heaven (or Israel for that matter, same thing right?).

For those of you who have been eager to get your hands on a 300BLK X95™ and have been patiently or impatiently waiting for them to begin shipping, we have good news for you! New 300BLK X95™ Rifles will be shipping in February, followed by 300BLK Conversion Kits for the X95™ at the end of March and the original TAVOR® SAR in early April.

However, due to the fact that converting the X95™ and SAR to 300BLK is not as simple as merely changing the barrel, Conversion Kits for both models will include the .300 Blackout barrel (16.5″ with 1:8 twist with integral gas regulator for reliable function with sub and supersonic ammo when running a suppressor), bolt (properly headspaced to the included barrel), a complete dedicated 300BLK recoil assembly, a new Picatinny top rail (with a cutout that allows easy access to the gas regulator), unique 300BLK case deflector and a barrel wrench. As a result, MSRP for the 300BLK Conversion Kits will be similar to our current pricing on 9mm Conversion Kits at $899.

Check out American Rifleman’s take on the 300BLK X95® at SHOT Show above.