Weapon Spotlight: The Legendary Jericho®

Written by Winston Behle


In Israel, firearms aren’t seldom used safe queens, they’re tools that are used every day to save lives and protect freedom. They’re built to go bang every time you pull the trigger and reliably hit what you’re aiming at, because if they don’t, there are consequences.

In the 1990’s, Israel decided it was time for an Israeli-made pistol that would meet the standards of reliability and accuracy that its brave soldiers, law officers and security forces needed to defeat its modern-day adversaries. And so began the development of the Jericho®.

Just like the Galil was based off the AK-47, Israel chose a proven, renowned platform for its pistol: the CZ 75. With subtle tweaks and improvements made to the CZ 75 design, the pistol was perfected. An improved safety was added, tolerances were tightened and polygonal rifling was used instead of traditional rifling, resulting in improved accuracy and tighter, more consistent groups. The steel frame and slide were designed to be nearly indestructible as it needed to fire the very hot .41 AE round. The pistol also needed to be able to function in the extreme conditions common to Israel, like blowing sand and dust, so a full-length dust cover was added. The final result was the birth of the IMI Jericho®.

The Jericho® was an incredible gun and proved its mettle in battle time and time again, and as a result has been the trusted sidearm of Israeli police and security forces for decades. Its legend quickly grew and other countries around the world, like Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and the Philippines, adopted the pistol.

The IWI Jericho® pistol has since made its way to the U.S., enabling Americans to defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with cold, reliable, accurate, Israeli steel.

Centuries ago the nation of Israel made the walls of the city of Jericho crumble and its enemies tremble by relying on the solidarity, trust and faith of its people and the power of the Almighty. Today, those same people and nation have created the IWI Jericho®​. Come and get it.