Dave Hartman

Dave Hartman is the creator and host of The 3-Gun Show, the world’s authority on multi gun gear, competition, strategy and technique. Dave has been competing in 3-Gun for nearly a decade and in 2015 he started the popular podcast “The 3-Gun Show” to share the details of the game and the secrets of professional shooters with the world.

I was at a point in my game where I knew I needed help getting better but I didn’t know what I should do. I decided to seek advice from the professionals and record our talks for the larger shooting community to benefit from.

After accumulating nearly a million downloads, Dave expanded the scope of the show into video as well. From his home studio outside Austin, Texas, Dave creates podcasts, videos and articles based on the shooting sports. Dave attends 15+ national matches each year, specializing in 3-Gun and complimentary sports such as AK-specific carbine matches, precision rifle and USPSA Carry Optics.

You can connect with and learn from The 3-Gun Show on all social media channels and Apple Podcasts by searching “3Gun Show” or visit www.3gunshow.com.

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