Extended distance Carbine Courses

IWI Academy’s Extended Distance Carbine Mechanics is designed to help students best utilize Low Power Variable Optics, LPVOs, to best effect on their chosen carbine and extend the ease and confidence a student may take a shot at extended ranges. Students will learn the considerations of using an LPVO, their advantages and limitations, how to properly set up an LPVO on a carbine, focal plane and reticle considerations, holds and offsets for rapid efficient shooting with the carbine at various distances, in winds, and in off hand and unconventional supported positions, and ways to support the rifle using the sling and the environment to take a more assured shot.
Notice: Student must have completed an IWI Academy Mechanics course or equivalent to enroll. Courses from Gunsite, Tactical Fitness, Sentinel Concepts, Sig Sauer Academy, and more may qualify. Please list your completed course when you enroll. It is recommend you take this course with the type of firearm you used at the previous course, bullpup, AK, AR-15, etc.