Home Defense Courses

The IWI Home Defense is structured to develop the pistol fundamental lessons covered in Pistol Mechanics and Red Dot Pistol and apply them to unconventional positions, low-light, darkness, and with a specific emphasis on concealed carry and individual personal defense in the home. Students will develop their shooting skills utilizing one hand and opposite hand limitations, the proper use and practical range of weapon mounted and handheld lights with a pistol, the considerations for shooting in low-light and dark conditions, and the fundamentals and risks of room clearing as an individual in daylight and dark conditions, and the reloading and clearance of malfunctions in unconventional positions and mobility limited methods.
Notice: Student must have completed Pistol Mechanics, Red Dot Pistol, or equivalent to enroll. Courses from Gunsite, Tactical Fitness, Sentinel Concepts, Sig Sauer Academy, and more may qualify. Please list your completed course when you enroll.