Negev NG7 LMG

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The NEGEV NG7 Light Machine Gun is an advanced compact and lightweight machine gun in caliber 7.62X51mm that has been deployed in conflict zones around the world.  Battle proven by the IDF as well as multiple militaries and LE agencies in countries across the globe, the NG7 is extremely reliable under adverse environmental conditions such as mud, dirt, sand, rain and snow.  This is the finest, lightest, most reliable LMG in the world!

Main features of the NG7 LMG:

  • Unique semi-auto firing mode that enables accurate and controlled fire for CQB plus full-auto capability for maximum fire power.
  • Gas regulator for rate of fire adjustment.
  • Cold hammer forged CrMoV chrome lined quick change barrel.
  • Uses standard NATO magazines, drum and belt-fed.
  • Incorporates four safety mechanisms that minimize the chances of uncontrolled fire.
  • Adjustable tritium sights are standard.
  • Included 45 degree assault handle allows for exceptional control while firing with a belt fed drum or magazine.
  • Extremely robust steel folding bi-pod.
  • Side-folding buttstock on both NG7 models with adjustable length and adjustable comb on the NG7 LMF SF.
  • Picatinny top rail welded to the receiver, not the loading gate, provides continuous and repeatable “Zero” with your choice of optics.
  • Quick dismantling in the field for routine maintenance.
  • True OTB (over-the-beach) capability.
Model Number(s)



7.62 NATO (7.62x51mm)


Auto, Open Bolt, Semi-auto


Belt-fed., Drum, Standard 7.62 NATO Magazines

Operating System

Gas on piston head, Rotating locking bolt

Barrel Length



17.41 lbs


4 RH Grooves


attaches to picatinny rail, Front Sight – Post type (Adj. for windage and elevation), Rear Sight – Aperture, SF Ver. 300-800 m, with elevation drum, zeroed STD Ver. 300-1000 m

Rate of Fire (Approx.) (rds/min)

600~750 (position 1 & 2)