Tactical Fitness

Self Defense Training with The experts

We are Tactical Fitness Austin

Established in 2016 in Austin, Texas by Ron Grobman with a mission to offer civilians Special Forces quality training, regardless of their experience.

Since launching, Tactical Fitness has provided thousands of people around the world with the highest quality self-defense training in Austin. Whether it be firearms, Krav Maga, third party protection or combat fitness, TFA members leave their session a more powerful and confident member of society.

Tactical Fitness Austin continues to empower its members by equipping them with the skills, technique, knowledge and confidence to defend themselves and their loved ones. We hope they should never need to, but if the time comes, they will be ready.

The high standards set by its founder Ron Grobman is reflected in the exponential growth of Tactical Fitness Austin. With continual 5 star reviews, Tactical Fitness aims to be the best in it’s field.