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MASADA Spare Parts Upgrade Kit

The Masada Spare Parts Upgrade Kit includes:

          • Manticore Arms Stainless Steel Recoil Spring Assembly
          • Disassembly Lever Spring
          • Magazine Catch
          • Magazine Catch Spring
          • Magazine Catch Spring Guide
          • Magazine Catch Latch
          • Magazine Catch Pin
          • Trigger Bar Spring
          • Slide Catch Spring
          • Extractor
          • Extractor Spring
          • Extractor Pivot Pin
          • Firing Pin Blocker
          • Firing Pin Blocker Spring x 2
          • Blocker Pivot Pin
          • Striker
          • Striker Plate
          • Back Strap Pin
          • Back Strap Plug – S, M & L

The Manticore Arms Stainless Steel Recoil Spring Assembly is a stainless captured spring recoil rod meant to replace the OEM plastic guide rod assembly. It comes with a custom wound 18 pound flat wound spring pre-installed, which reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip. All rod components and hardware are stainless steel, and the part is a drop in replacement for the OEM plastic guide rod.

NOTE: The Manticore Arms spring is custom wound for this application, and is under considerable compression. Manticore Arms does not recommend any attempt to disassemble the product or attempt to use another spring, as other springs may compress fully solid and cause firearm malfunction, and uncontrolled release of the spring from the rod assembly could cause injury.

Note: This item is only compatible with the MASADA 9mm. Disassembly Lever Spring style may vary.


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