Tactical Fitness

Self Defense Training with The experts We are Tactical Fitness Austin Established in 2016 in Austin, Texas by Ron Grobman with a mission to offer civilians Special Forces quality training, regardless of their experience. Since launching, Tactical Fitness has provided thousands of people around the world with the highest quality self-defense training in Austin. Whether it be firearms,…

Masada Tactical

Learn To Protect What Matters! Established in 2007, Masada Tactical and Israeli Combat System is the only training, in Maryland, with a direct lineage to the authentic self-defense system taught in Israel (Krav Maga). With top-quality instructors and cutting-edge curriculums, the Israeli Combat System / Krav Maga is designed to provide all students; from stay-at-home…



The IWI Academy was originally built around training the venerable Tavor SAR/ X95.  The class has expanded to include all bullpup related rifles and since its’s inception, the Academy has grown to include offerings in pistol, AK, Galil, and precision rifle courses.  The courses range from creating initial performance baselines to advanced applications of skills.