Galil ACE Buttstocks

Spare buttstock tubes and buttpads for the Galil ACE rifle. Installation on a Galil ACE pistol will turn it to an SBR. Galil ACE buttpads cannot be used with the Galil ACE brace.

A single hole buttstock tube for a single hole body with a single pin and a 3 hole buttstock tube for a 2 hole body with 2 pins.

To remove an existing buttpad: Follow the steps on page 62 of the Galil ACE 7.62×39 manual or page 59 in the Galil ACE 7.62×51 Manual.

To remove an existing buttstock tube: use a 4mm punch to remove the existing pins. To attach a buttstock tube: use a 3/16″ roll pin punch and a hammer to gently tap one or two roll pins in. You may find it easier to crush the end of the roll pins before inserting it.

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Made in Israel

NFA Warning:

Please note installation of a butt stock will change a Galil ACE Pistol to a short barreled rifle (SBR) subject to all the requirements of the National Firearms Act (NFA) for SBR’s.

It is your responsibility to ensure you remain in compliance with all local, state and federal laws along with all NFA rules/regulations.

Overall Length:

Galil ACE 5.56 – 26.75″

Galil ACE 7.62×39 – 26.75″

Galil ACE 7.62 NATO – 30.25″

Note: This item is only compatible with the galil ace rifle



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Export Notice:

This is an item controlled for export by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). These controls take the form of export regulations and export license requirements.

As part of the express consideration provided for receipt of IWI US’s goods, technical data and/or services, you, our customer, acknowledge that the export, re-export or other transfer, directly or indirectly, of the goods, technical data and/or services provided by IWI US in violation of U.S. law is prohibited. Customers acquiring ITAR goods, technical data and/or services from IWI US shall be responsible for obtaining any necessary U.S. or other government authorization required to ensure compliance with applicable export laws.


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