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Masada Slim Commander Series Aluminum Grip Module

The Masada Slim Commander Series Aluminum Grip Module from Mischief Machine is a full grip replacement to the original polymer grip of the Slim which offers an outstanding upgrade to the feel, fit, finish, and overall “shootability” of the pistol. Developed in partnership with IWI US, this grip module is a simple drop-in upgrade which offers the ability to further customize the feel of the pistol with interchangeable grips and backstraps as well as the increased weight of the aluminum smoothing the recoil impulse. The inclusion of Mischief’s Tux grip design featuring a smooth surface against the body during carry but a mild aggressive texture adjacent, along with the use of 7075 aluminum strikes a perfect balance between increased weight and carry comfort, resulting in a pistol with the size of a subcompact, but the mild recoil of a much larger frame. Also included is a section of rail space on the dust cover for the optional use of compact pistol lights.


This product comes with a new magazine release retaining pin, but uses your original Slim’s mag release, release spring, and two assembly pins.


Product Specifications: 7075-T6 aluminum, Hardcoat black anodize, G10 grip panels:

Product Weight: The Commander Module weighs 6.1 oz, 4.1 oz heavier than the OEM polymer Masada Slim Module.

Product fitment guide:

Lights- compatible with Streamlight TLR-7 sub w/#1 insert.


Masada Slim Dissassembly:

Note: This product is only compatible with the Masada Slim. THIS IS ONLY A GRIP MODULE AND IS NOT A SERALIZED FIREARM.


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Weight .625 lbs