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Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MkV Kit

The Micro Fight Chassis MkV is a small and lightweight chassis that can be used as either a standalone magazine placard on a plate carrier, or the central hub for a chest rig when other Spiritus Systems components are used. The MkV is a single cell placard-style chassis that is built with all-new materials and manufacturing processes.

The design features MOLLE on the front and sides to accommodate additional magazine pouches. Tourniquets and other equipment can also be stowed outboard with our universal retention kit, and a row of anchor points along the top opening will interface with our magazine bungee retention kit to secure any caliber of weapon.

The main cell of the MkV Chassis is lined with loop on both sides and will accommodate all of Spiritus Systems’ magazine inserts.

Versatile and Scalable

The Micro Fight Chest Rig MkV will interface with the whole line of Spiritus Systems chest rig and plate carrier components. The footprint of the MkV is identical to the Mk4 and will seamlessly connect with Expander Wings, LV/119 plate bags, and the Thing 1 and Thing 2. The MkV is extremely capable as a low-bulk solution for environments where space and weight command a premium. However, the product’s modularity and compatibility with all Spiritus Accessories allow the micro fight to scale from a minimalistic magazine carrier to a full-fledged plate carrier system, or various sustainment and comms-focused chest rigs.

Each kit comes in your choice of black, flat dark earth or multicam and includes:

  • Micro Fight Chassis MkV
  • 5.56 NATO Rifle Magazine InsertThe Micro Fight Magazine Insert is a custom solution to a common problem. Instead of using pull tabs, hook & loop, snap flaps or a hard kydex insert; we have chosen to use something a little more versatile.Using elastic is very quiet when removing or adding magazines, giving you quick and easy access to your magazines while providing excellent retention. Elastic will not deform due to heat over time and although it will loosen some with use, it will still provide excellent retention of your magazines. The magazine insert is retained by hard loop field sewn to both sides. This allows for the insert to fit in the front and rear pockets of the Micro Fight Chassis (MK3 and Mk4). The Micro Fight Rifle Magazine Insert will accept both PMAGS and USGI magazines.
  • Fat StrapConfigure your rig for standalone wear with our chest rig Fat Straps. Brilliance in the basics means that we constructed these without complicated yoke systems or unnecessary features. This reduced profile design includes horizontal webbing and elastic mounting points for hanging Push-To-Talks or weaving cables and water carrier tubes. A loop field patch on the back completes the straps for placement of name tapes or IR Markers.
  • Back StrapIt’s pretty simple: if you have a Spiritus chest rig, you’re going to need this. The Back Strap provides the retention necessary to keep the Chassis close to your body. The back strap attaches to the lower buckles on your Micro Fight or 34A Chest Rig and wraps around your lower back.This strap can also be used as a sling if you wish to carry your Micro Fight in a cross-body configuration as a “Go Bag.” The Back Strap has a maximum adjustment of 36 inches and a minimum adjustment of 8 inches.


Also available the Spiritus Systems TKO Pouch and SACK Pouch.


Additional information

Weight 0.68 lbs

Flat Dark Earth, Multicam, Black


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